People for Christ

York Evangelical Church


Partnership in the Gospel Sunday 21st July, 2019 pm by Andrew Muwowo on Philippians 2:25-30
Christ: Gospel Pattern Sunday 21st July, 2019 am by Andrew Muwowo on Philippians 2:5-11
John 21 Sunday 14th July, 2019 pm by Dave Kirkman on John 21
The Christian's Wardrobe Sunday 14th July, 2019 am by Ed Veal on Ephesians 6
Gospel Sights and Sounds Sunday 7th July, 2019 am by Hans Breekveldt on
What is man? Sunday 30th June, 2019 pm by Mark Troughton on Psalm 8
We hear what he says Sunday 30th June, 2019 am by Mark Troughton on Exodus 32:15-16
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