People for Christ

York Evangelical Church


Questioning Authority Sunday 3rd April, 2022 am by Gordon Frame on Luke ch20 v1-8
God is Gracious Sunday 27th March, 2022 pm by Colin Runciman on Luke ch15 v11-32
Hallmarks of Authentic Ministry Sunday 27th March, 2022 am by Ed Hambleton on 1 Thessalonians ch2 v1-12
God is Holy Sunday 20th March, 2022 pm by Gordon Frame on Isaiah ch6 v1-7
Jesus enters Jerusalem Sunday 20th March, 2022 am by Matt Walker on Luke ch19 v28-48
God is love Sunday 13th March, 2022 pm by Ed Hambleton on 1 John ch4 v7-21
Be Baptised! Sunday 13th March, 2022 am by Gordon Frame on Acts ch8 v26-40
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