People for Christ

York Evangelical Church

Young People

Youth Work
School years 7 to 13

Student Work
University Students

Race Runners

Race Runners is aimed at teenagers in years 7 to 13. We meet for dinner in one of the leader’s homes before spending time looking at the bible and playing games.

Young Life

Young Life (YL) is a national network of Christian youth groups for teens and twenties based in the UK. YL is passionate about helping young people deepen their relationship with the Lord Jesus and encouraging them to introduce Him to their friends.


During term time, lunch is offered to students after the morning service either in the church building or in the homes of church members. It is a great opportunity to get to know one another and older members of the church better.


Students are encouraged to attend a home group and the prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings. On Wednesday afternoons, we run a small, focused bible study on the UoY campus.

Student Membership

Being a student is often difficult in terms of church membership because so much time is spent away from university. At YEC, students can become Student Members, recognising their regular attendance at our church during term time, but allowing them to remain full members at their home church.